Bile Acid

  • Bile acids are Natural biological emulsifier secreted by liver with multi-biological activities.
  • Bile Acids can improve fat digestion, absorption and protect liver and gall health.


Bile Acids 30%    Taurine : 10%


  • 1. Promote fat digestion and absorption
    Stage1) Emulsify fats
    Bile acids have biosurfactant structure for fat which causes fat emulsified into microscopid droplets.
    Greatly increases the Surface area of fat, making it available for digestion by lipase.

    Stage2) Activate lipase
    Bile acids can change the structure of lipase when combining into micelles to finish fat hydrolyzation process.

    Stage3) Promote fat absorption
    Only the combination of bile acids and fatty acids, could facilitate fatty acids to reach to surface of small intestinal villus and get into bloodstream
  • 2. Promote fat digestion and absorption


  • Improve utilization of fat and reduce feed cost.
  • Improve bile secretion, protect liver and gallbladder.
  • Decompose and eliminate toxins, enhance immunity.
  • Promote absorption of fat soluble vitamins.
  • Stabilize feed quality, reduce hazards of DDGS, or other anti-nutrition elements.
Effects of BILE ACIDS on dry matter intake of cows
Experiment shows that after adding BILE ACIDS, dry matter intake has increased by 9.69%. BILE ACIDS improves digestion rate, increase dry matter intake and improves milk quantity.

Recommended dose

Poultry 150-200 g/ton
Freshwater fish 200 g/ton Eel 400 g/ton 
Tilapia 200 g/ton Rainbow Trout 600 g/ton
Salmon 500 g/ton Other fish 600 g/ton
Seabass  600 g/ton
Shrimp 600 g/ton
Aquatic 300-350 g/ton
Dairy cow 30 g/cow/day Mutton sheep 2-3 g/sheep/day
Beef cattle 15-20 g/cattle/day

Shelf life

24 months


Store in shaded dry, cool place with good ventilation.