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we provides a range of yeast, bacteria and yeast products for nutrition and health applications; provides molecular, clinical research, proposed labelling and dosage services for pharmaceutical and food supplementation laboratories.
Yeast extracts (YE) are umami substances with food properties and non-food additives.
They have the characteristics of increased freshness, increased taste, reduced salt and light salt, balanced odor, and strong tolerance.
At present, in the European Union, the United States, Japan, In Korea and other developed countries and regions, yeast extract has become a natural and safe core raw material commonly used in high-end foods, condiments, meat products, instant noodles, soy sauce, and snack foods.
After many years of promotion and technology accumulation, Yeast Extract (YE) has been widely used in seasonings and foods.
The company has strong independent research and development capabilities, and has a number of core technologies such as yeast extract enzymatic technology and flavoring technology. And a national invention patent.
Tianxiangyuan can use different enzymatic solutions based on the different needs of customers and customers to provide customized products.

Product type

Basic taste (pure type)
The product is rich in amino acids, peptides and other substances, has a typical flavor of yeast extract, can provide a pure broth taste.
The pure yeast extract is used as a base material to generate natural flavorings rich in meat flavors through thermal degradation of amino acids/peptides under high temperature, sugar degradation, nucleotide degradation, and Maillard reaction. Acid, with a typical UMAMI taste, strong flavor
High I+G type
The natural seasonings made from fresh high-nucleic acid yeasts as raw materials and auto-dissolved, enzymolyzed, separated, concentrated, dried, etc., are rich in natural taste nucleotides , various amino acids, and their I+G content. Up to 18% , taste and umami are more pronounced and intense than pure-type yeast extracts.
High glutamic acid type
he high glutamic acid yeast extract made from homoglutamic acid yeast as raw material and subjected to autolysis, enzymolysis, separation, concentration, and drying processes, has a natural glutamic acid content of up to 20% and a taste and umami ratio Pure yeast extracts are more pronounced and intense.
Acid and salt resistant natural high acid glycerin type
In response to the series of issues affecting the flavor, quality, and appearance of soy sauce in the process of soy sauce application, Tian Xiang Yuan developed a combination of fermentation technology, enzymolysis technology, separation technology, thermal reaction technology, and drying technology. Salt-tolerant natural high-yeast yeast extracts, with good clarity, acid and salt tolerance, natural high nucleotides, auxiliary flavoring, deodorizing, rich trace elements and B vitamins, are applied in soy sauce. Has a good role in improving the quality and flavor of soy sauce. The basic flavor of yeast extract can provide pure Broth taste.