Milk Energy No.1(Rumen Protected Glucose)

Glucose is the only energy supply form for ruminants. "Energy No.1 (Rumen Protected Glucose)", a kind of special energy supply product for ruminants, is developed and produced with advanced rumen protected technology according to the latest research of ruminant nutrition institute. Such product has been validated by many research institutes and applied in many large pastures, which finally shows that it could rapidly improve milk yield and quality, prolong milk yield peak, and prevent ketosis and fatty liver.


Glucose, PH Sensitive coating materials, high polymer compound, etc.

Total cost on adding rumen protected glucose

Head Dosage Days Total Amount Price Total Cost
1 200g/day 50days 10KG 8USD 80USD

The total benefits per year by using rumen protected glucose

Diagram 1. β-Hydroxybutyric Acid Trial
Diagram 2. Blood Glucose Concentration Trial


  • Meet the energy demand in perinatal period
  • Improve immunity, increase blood glucose concentration
  • Reduce abomasum displacement, fatty liver, ketosis and other metabolic diseases.
  • Quickly meet energy supply for dairy cows and realize the full potential ability

Table 1. Milk yield contrast trial

Group Milk Yield (kg/d)
Day 0 Day 5 Day 10 Day 20 Day 30
Milk Energy No.1 18.72±2.50 23.27±3.49 29.34±4.57 34.02±5.02 39.57±3.53
Control 18.84±3.11 19.5±4.10 24.42±2.92 27.55±4.04 30.83±4.15
→Increase milk yield by 20%.
The increase on milk yield (5KG/day/head): 5KG*100 days = 500kg/head
Benefits: 500KG*0.45USD/KG=225USD


  • Cost reduction
  • Replace other feed additives:
  • Propanediol.
  • Rumen bypass fat save 200g/day/head
  • Propionic acid oral pump.
  • Rumen bypass starch
  • Etc.


1) Rumen protected technology (Patented) → rumen bypass of 92% above
2) PH sensitive coating materials → absorption of 90% above in the intestine
3) High-efficiency biological enzyme, emulsifier → improve absorption of fatty acids
4) Glucose to supply energy quickly → prevent ketosis, increase milk yield and improve lactation peak

Guaranteed analysis

Glucose≥45% Moisture≤10%

Usage and dosage

7days before birth to 60 days after birth: 200-500g/head/day; or add 2%~5% into concentrate supplement.

Storage and shelf life

Keep it in ventilation and dry place; Shelf life: 1 year

RPCC (Rumen Protected Choline Chloride)

RPCC (Rumen Protected Choline Chloride) is a kind of high-tech product developed and it according to ruminants' physiology and nutritional requirements. Such product could enhance production performance, reduce disease and improve fertility.


Choline Chloride, PH Sensitive Coating Materials, High Polymer Compounds, etc.

Guaranteed analysis

Choline Chloride≥25% Moisture≤10%


1. Rumen bypass of 90% above → General chloride is almost broken down into trimethylamine in rumen
2. Absorption of 80%in intestine → General chloride can be used by 5%~10%
3, Have strong stability → Can be added into vitamin premix


  • Reduce the occurrence of fatty liver by 30 to 40 percent.
  • Reduce the occurrence of ketosis by 55 to 70 percent.
  • Improve reproductive rate and cycle conception rate.
  • Improve the utilization efficiency of feed: lower the cost of milk per kilogram and reduce emission of hazardous substance in animals’ faces and urine.
  • For fattening cattle and sheep: improve liver function effectively and eradicate yellow fat meat.


  • Improve reproduction and conception
  • Improve FCR, reduce cost of milk/kg and harmful waste emission
  • For fattening cattle and sheep: greatly improve liver function and eliminate yellow fat meat

Animals, usage and dosage

  • Animals: Daily cow, beef cattle, sheep and other ruminants
  • Usage: Directly add RPCC into feed and hot water immersion is forbidden
  • Dosage: 21days before birth to 21days after birth, 50g/head/day 21days to 100days after birth, 30g/head/day As for high yield cows, 20g/head/day Add 1-4kg/ton into concentrate supplement for beef cattle and sheep


Keep it in ventilation and dry place and it must be mixed evenly with forage; Shelf life: 1year