Micro Capsulated Herbs Oil

EXO100 is a new type of high-efficient and green feed additive, and actually a kind of essential oil coated by microcapsule with its components of carvacrol and thymol; since it is put into the market, it has been greatly applied. Thanks to many researches and trials conducted, EXO100 does not only have the strong anti-microbial action, but also promote growth and organic immunity; meanwhile, EXO100 has been the top choice for customers because of quick action, no residue and drug resistance.


  • Carvacrol
  • Thymol
  • Cinnamaldehyde
  • Eugenol


  • Broad-spectrum antibacterial activity
  • Improve intestinal environment
  • Improve nutriments digestion, intake and transportation
  • Enhance organic immunity

Why is EXO100 a kind of coated product?

  • The adoption of microcapsule could
  • Reduce volatility of essential oil
  • Reduce oxidation of essential oil
  • Improve palatability of essential oil
  • The adoption of emulsive solubilization could strengthen antibacterial effects of essential oil and antioxidant effects for animals

Storage stability

Application on broilers

42days survival rate
Group 1day 7day 14day 21day 28day 35day 42day
Control 99.94±0.17 99.05±0.2 98.25±2.1 97.66±1.21 97.10±0.76 95.00±0.32 92.84±1.10
EXO-100 99.94±0.26 99.02±0.31 98.41±1.12 98.13±0.78 97.83±0.34 97.03±0.76a 95.85±2.11a
Improvement 0 -0.02 0.16 0.48 0.73 2.03 3.01
Group 1day 7day 14day 21day
Control 1.75±0.03 4.44±0.11 2530±0.31 60.23±0.13
EXO-100 1.67±0.06a 4.45±0.08 2673±0.51a 63.64±1.18a

Recommended dosage

  • Piglet: 300~500g/MT
  • Growing Pig:75~100g/MT
  • Fattening Pig: 50~75g/MT

Shelf life

12 months


1. Keep it in a dry and ventilated place
2. Pls add it evenly into complete feed by stepwise dilution method