It is one natural additive for growth-finishing pigs, is currently being sold as microbial mixed with feed and supplement. The key feature of this product is cytochrome-P450,which can enhance liver's metabolism, decompose mycotoxin's accumulation in liver,the immune suppressing effect disappear,promote growth, Lower FCR, thus exerting their beneficial effects and results in improved performance of pigs.


  • Participate in all biochemical reaction of liver detoxifying, promote the liver decompose a variety of mycotoxins, drugs and toxic metabolites.
  • Enhance immunity of organism, enhance liver’s ability of nutrition’s metabolism, significantly improve growth rate, increase average slaughter weight, Lower FCR.
  • Decompose the mycotoxins' accumulation in liver and kidney in Vivo, the immune suppressing effect disappears, Lower occurrence of gastro-intestinal and pulmonary diseases.
  • Increase the amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids' assay in meat, improve carcass quality.


Technical roadmap

Strain Amplification culture → High density submerged fermentation → High speed centrifugation → Ultrafiltration → Chromatographic column → Reverse osmosis → Efficient protectant mixing → Spray Drying → Raw material mixing → Finished product

Technical roadmap

weight gain Feed utilization rate Comprehensive benefit Improve meat quality
Pigs 170 days old Slaughter weight gain Increase Feed utilization rate Average Save feed Average multiple income per head The content of amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids in meat increased
15~20kg 9% 25kg $112
Chickens 40 days old Slaughter weight gain Increase Feed utilization rate Average multiple income per head
0.1kg 6% $0.28 25~30%

Product level

Detoxifying enzymes Yeast cell wall (import) Montmorillonite
Mycotoxin Degradation mode in vivo in vitro in vitro
Detoxification level Excellent General General
Production efficiency Weight gain (pig) 15% 3% Hardly seen
Reduced feed consumption (pig) 9% 2% Hardly seen
Side effect Destruction of nutrition - - Yes

Control group & Test group

Control group
▲ Mycotoxins cause gilts vulvar swelling
Test group
▲ using detoxifying enzyme gilts vulva was normal


  • Pig: Mix feed, 300-500g/ton feed
  • Chicken: Mix feed, 300-500g/ton feed


This product should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse.