New ideas for R&D and innovation
  • 1.To build a research and development project and an academic information resource platform that combines the company's high-end R&D institutions both inside and outside
  • 2.Restructure the planned R&D structure to clarify and expand the functional direction of the R&D system
  • 3.Establish a special fund for research and development to equip and enrich hardware conditions and team organization that are compatible with future R&D capabilities
  • 4.Establish an incentive mechanism to stimulate the R&D potential and motivation of the existing team
  • 5.Strengthen the close relationship between the R&D department and the market department, exert the market's guiding force for R&D, and increase the technical connotation of R&D to market product development

Star product features

Carboxymethyl yeast β-glucan raw material CMG01(aqueous solution) Carboxymethyl yeast beta-glucan raw material CMG90 (powdered)


Excellent anti-aging effects, can smooth fine wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, improve skin texture; Has a unique linear molecular structure, giving good transdermal absorption properties; It promotes the synthesis of collagen by fibroblasts, promotes wound healing, repairs damaged skin, and imparts a silky moist, smooth feel to the skin. It maintains skin moisture, repairs skin and prevents UV damage.
It is completely water-soluble and especially beneficial for skin absorption. The good characteristics of this product meet the needs of many high-end cosmetics users