Synthetic Curcumin

Curcumin is a kind of active substance extracted from the dried roots of Tumeric(Curcuma longa Linn) that is widely used as food preservative, spice and coloring agent with some biological effects and medicinal usage. It is a chain-breaking antioxidant and efficient in protecting animals against oxidant stress-induced damages. And Curcumin is a good antibacterial, nematocidal and can be applicable for therapeutic impacts of a variety of diseases and inflammatory cases which are approved by many organizations and researchers.


Item Specification
Curcumin total concent Assay
(Curcumin(I), Demethoxycurcumin(II), Bisdmethoxycurcumin(III))
Residue on ignition ≤4%
Ethanol ≤50 mg/kg
N-hexane ≤25 mg/kg


  • 1. Scavenge Hydroxyl Radica
  • 2. Scavenge Superoxide Radicals
    At low superoxide concentration, Curcumin is very effective as a catalytic agent which enhances the dismutation of superoxide to convert into less reactive species such as hydrogen peroxide.
    At high superoxide concentration, Curcumin reacts directly with it to reduce superoxide activity.
Scavenging effect of Curcumin
As the concentration of curcumin increased, the scavenging rate increased.
Therefore Curcumin scvenges Hydroxyl Radical.
Inhibition ratio of lipid peroxidation at different concentrations of curcumin
Curcumin has obvious inhibition effect to lipid peroxidation.
The inhibition ratio increases when curcumin concentration increases and then the ratio becomes stable when concentration reach 100ug/mL and inhibition ratio over 40%.


  • Alleviate lipid oxidation induced stress response and growth down-regulation.
  • Ameliorate the heat-stress-impaired growth performance.
  • Prevent and alleviate the liver oxidation injury caused by mycotoxin and antibiotics.
  • Antifungal function, liver protection and gastrointestinal protection.
  • Inhibitory effect on pathogenic bacteria and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Improve flesh quality and slaughter rate.

Recommended dose

Growth promoter 25-50 ppm Improve meat quality 40-80 ppm
Liver protection  25-50 ppm    
Piglets 50-100 ppm Grower-finisher 30-50 ppm
Aquatic animal
Prevention 30-50 ppm Stress & liver injury 50-100 ppm

Shelf life

24 months


Store in cool, dry place.
Keep the packing tightly, keep away from light, once opened use this content quickly.