Arginine has many beneficial effects on the animal's body such as improving nitrogen metabolism, reproduction, feeding, immunity, growth and forming new blood vessels.
However, it is not made in young animals and destroyed on the stomach of ruminants.
Therefore NCG has been developed as a substitute material.


NCG ≥ 97%


NCG is a structural analogue of N-acetylglutamate(NAG).
NAG is the allosteric catalyst of carbamylphosphate synthetase-1(CPS-1), which is the essential support factor for synthesis of Arginine. But exogenous supplement of NAG is degraded in the small intestine and cell sap, it cannot enter mitochondria.

While NCG is very stable with long half-life, it cannot be degraded by enzymes in cells, so it can replace NAG to activate CPS-1 of the Arginine-synthetic pathway, promoting production and metabolism of endogenous Arginine which can produce NO (nitric oxide)and polyamine (putrescine, spermidine and spermine).

Supplementation of exogenous NCG to animals can promote endogenous arginine synthesis and metabolism to produce nitric oxide and polyamines via urea circulation.
  • NO (nitric oxide) plays an important role in the immune system, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal system, genitourinary system, respiratory system, the peripheral nervous system and central nervous system . NO can dilate blood vessels and increase blood supply to promote angiogenesis and the formation of capillaries.
  • Polyamine regulates DNA and protein synthesis, therefore also controls the cells proliferation and differentiation of organisms.
Therefore, NCG can reduce blood ammonia levels directly and effectively to enhance the utilization efficiency of Nitrogen.


  • Increase litter size and birth weight of multiparous animals.
  • Increase milk production of female animals.
  • Enhance reproductive performance of male animals.
  • Promote growth of young animals and improve meat quality.

Recommended dose

Weanling piglet diets 500 g/ton Lactating sow diets  500 g/ton 
Growing piglet diets 300-500 g/ton Pregnant sow diets 300-500 g/ton
Finishing and growing pig diets 800-1000 g/ton Boar diets  600-800 g/ton
Diary cow  20 g/head/day
Freshwater fish 180-240 g/ton Saltwater fish 300-420 g/ton
Special aquatic animal  300-420 g/ton

Shelf life

18 months


Store in dry and cool place